Grant Writing Program

Grants help organizations expand their current scope of work, bring promising new ideas to life, and bring needed resources and support to communities to produce sustainable best practices.

Whether your organization is a small nonprofit, or large hospital foundation, the Steadman Group has the experience and expertise to bring your grant ideas to fruition and produce winning applications for you and your organization.

Our Approach

Grant writing can be a daunting process, even for the most accomplished and experienced of organizations. Much like putting together a difficult puzzle, our grant writing team will break down the process into manageable chunks and provide the project management needed to produce a competitive grant. At the Steadman Group, we realize that our clients are the experts in their fields and communities. We are here to support your vision and help make it a reality. Our grant writing team takes the time to listen to our clients and their ideas, and then crafts these into successful and innovative grant proposals. 

We are well-versed in every stage of the grant writing process from identifying a potential grant, to curating required attachments, writing narratives and needs assessments, to final edits before submission. No matter where in this process your organization is, we are here to help and work with you through the process. Grant writing is a collaborative process and we will guide you through the specifics of letters of support, work plan development, budget creation, and more to ensure no detail is overlooked.

The grant writing process

Why Clients Like Working with Us

Our grant writing team has unparalleled expertise in producing successful federal grants, foundation grants, and state level grants for a variety of clients. In the past year, we helped secure two HRSA Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) awards to address barriers to access in rural communities related to substance use disorder–a $1 million Implementation grant in Western Colorado and a $200,000 Planning grant in La Plata County–a $1.5 million SAMHSA grant in Northern Colorado to streamline and expand access to addiction treatment, a $300,000 winning CDPHE grant to bring recovery activities to Pueblo and Mesa County, and a $200,000 winning Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention Medication-Assisted Treatment Expansion grant in Mesa County.

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Steadman Group also serves as a grant writing contractor for the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention grant writing program, funded by Senate Bill 19-228. In this capacity, we help local government and non-profit organizations with grant writing services to help address opioid use disorders and other substance use disorders in their communities. 

We are well versed in producing successful HRSA grant proposals and have written 5 in the last year. Furthermore, we also serve as contractors on two HRSA Rural Communities Opioid Response Program grants, one in the Planning phase and one in Implementation. This experience gives us unmatched insight into what successful HRSA applications look like and how work plans get turned into action. 

Our grant writing team is not only skilled in writing and grant creation, we are also consultants with years of experience, connections, and work across Colorado. Our subject matter expertise will help your organization identify emerging best practices, tailor region specific innovation, and collaborate with other organizations in your area to produce a unique and community centered grant.

What people say

Lesley and Shelley were really fabulous. They listened carefully, asked very good questions and the end product very much hit hit the mark.
I just read through the narrative and am so delighted with it. Such a good job in pulling this all together into a succinct document.
The RPAN narrative is so well organized, and I am grateful for the time and work you put into this! It has been such a great opportunity to work with you, and am excited for the chance to work with you for our next grant application. Thank you for your patience as we worked through the challenges. I cannot thank you enough - you are the best of the best!
Other CEOs had mentioned to me how challenging it is to hire a firm to provide grant writing support -- that you need to grow the talent from within. This was not at all our experience. You guys were terrific!
JK, Lindsay and Rhiannon were such a huge asset in this Grant application. We could not be where we are without their expertise and statewide/national connections. I commend you all for the work you are helping us accomplish in this region. It’s stories like the one below that we are striving to prevent every day. My sincerest appreciation for the work Sharon, JK, Lindsay, Rhiannon, and the entire TSG team do every day!
They helped me with the difficult process of applying for a Government Grant. Being a new organization and new to grant writing, they made the process as simple as can be and I would not have gotten the grant without their help!
I would also echo my sincere appreciation to JK, Lindsay and Rhiannon in your support for this grant application. You are a great team to work with and appreciate your expertise at every turn with MRH!
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