General Healthcare Consulting

Dedicated to improving the health of people and communities and providing exceptional service to those who share this commitment.

The Healthcare Consulting Practice at Steadman Group has the specialized expertise

We partner with clients to navigate the complexities and challenges with public sector healthcare programs and systems, and healthcare reform. Steadman Group consultants excel at helping clients make their visions a reality, specializing in areas such as healthcare policy, program development and improvement, regulatory and compliance needs, and operational management.


Clients we serve

Steadman Group consultants guide and assist an extensive range of clients, including:

  • Publicly-funded health plans – Medicaid, Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, and State Childrens Health Insurance Programs
  • Health delivery systems 
  • Federal, state, and county agencies
  • Health information exchanges
  • Not-for-profits, foundations, and community-based organizations

What We do

Steadman Group Consultants excel at applying their specialized knowledge and experience to help solve problems in such areas as:

Policy and operations

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Our consultants have expertise in public sector healthcare programs and systems, and have practical experience developing policy and implementing change. The best intentions and policies won’t work without the people and systems to make it happen.
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Regulatory compliance and guidance

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We review, analyze, and advise clients about healthcare-related federal and state statutes, as well as provide guidance in areas including the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, HITECH, and Medicaid. Our experts have helped organizations with Medicaid managed care readiness reviews, audit preparation, corrective action plans, regulatory reporting and data analysis, contract deliverables, market expansion, and new market implementation.
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Efficient information dissemination & interoperability

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We help clients develop and implement processes to share healthcare information securely and efficiently. One recent project supported medication consistency between jails and community providers, using health information exchange (HIE). Another supported using HIE for exchanging provider attribution data with a health plan.
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Care Management, Care Coordination and Transitions of Care programs

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We work with our clients implementing population health strategies for health plans, hospitals and clinical practices to optimize quality of care and reimbursement. Our experts include clinicians and operations specialists to ensure your program aligns with quality outcome goals.
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Program development

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We provide organizational expertise, support successful grant development and implementation, conduct research to assess community needs, and build programs that benefit community members through addressing health and/or social determinants of health.
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What people say

Ultimate Beneficiaries

The ultimate beneficiaries of the work that Steadman Group’s healthcare consultants accomplish in partnership with our clients include:

  • Our Fellow Community Members, especially those members who struggle with achieving better health and well-being, including individuals affected by: 
    • Publicly-funded healthcare programs, such as Medicaid, Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), and Medicare special needs plans 
    • Criminal justice system, healthcare system and community connectivity 
    • Social determinants of health 
    • Behavioral and physical health integration
    • Care coordination among numerous care coordinators
    • Patient-centered primary care medical home models 
  • Leaders of Organizations who are striving to improve the health and well-being of their communities.

For each project we undertake, the consultants at Steadman Group bring a passion for improving the health outcomes of everyone served by our clients, as well as building and strengthening our clients’ surrounding communities.  

Our consultants reflect Steadman Group’s company values of integrity, service, intellectual curiosity, tenacity, and respect in everything we do, as we partner with clients to solve problems and implement solutions that are as unique as the vision our clients are working to achieve.

Partner with us

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