Marco Macaluso, MA, LPC

Behavioral Health Consultant

Marco has been working with county jails around the country in the development of behavioral health and substance use programs for over 5 years. Marco has focused on improving the quality of care and transitional services for the incarcerated population, which originated with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, community reentry location. He has collaborated with community providers and correctional facilities to bridge the gap between the criminal justice system and community care to improve client success and reduce recidivism, along with MAT induction programs inside of county jails. He has worked with the Office of Behavioral Health through Jail Based Behavioral Services to develop substance use and mental health programs within Colorado county jails. Marco’s focus over the last several years has been on program development and implementation with county jails for comprehensive MAT services along with the expansion of mental health treatment to the incarcerated population.

Marco is currently working with UC and OBH on program implementation within the criminal justice system to better assist correctional facilities transitioning clients from incarceration back into the community. Marco brings experience from emergency room settings, correctional healthcare and has a passion to help improve the care of the incarcerated population with substance use and mental health conditions.